Optics are an instrumental tool to the avid hunter. Your day can hinge on your ability to find an animal on a distant mountain face. Or determine the size of the bull elk on the next ridge at first light. Or identify the rutting whitetail buck that’s chasing a doe your way across the cornfield. As you no doubt know, the scenarios are endless.

Introducing STYRKA, a new line of optics dedicated to providing hunters with outstanding products.

Why enter such a crowded market, you ask? We’ve learned a few things from over a century of experience in the optics industry and have applied this knowledge and experience to STYRKA products.

We also feel like there’s a place for a hunting optics company to illuminate the science of optics for the hunter. No spin or embellishment. Just the facts. That’s our ongoing goal. We also think it’s time for a hunting optics company to really stand behind their product. To make a commitment of excellence to you, the customer.