The STYRKA ballistic calculator is designed to be an effective tool for users of all levels. The amount of data that can be entered into the calculator is scalable so that more and more data can be entered as the user becomes more proficient and advanced.

For someone new to longer-distance hunting, a large portion of the data is pre-populated to make it easy to obtain calculations that can then be used to verify at the range. For more advanced users, pre-populated data can be overwritten and more precise data entered for more refined calculations (it is always recommended that data is verified at the range before using in actual hunting situations). The STYRKA ballistic calculator is available as an app for IOS and Android platforms and is also available as a web-based program. With an account, any data added or changed on any device will be saved and can be accessed on any platform.

  • SH-BDC (STYRKA Hunting BDC reticle) was developed from the ground up for hunting
  • Proprietary BDC calculator and smartphone app
  • Calculator and app designed to be easy to use for beginners but in-depth and robust for advanced users
  • SH-BDC reticle available in S3, S5 and S7 Series riflescopes



Information About App

Gun Safe Screen

In this screen you will create guns that can be stored in your safe (with user account). Once a gun is created, it can be saved and will be added to your Gun Safe for future use.

Ammo Can Screen

In this screen you will create the ammunition for the guns in your Gun Safe. Once an ammunition is created, it can be saved and will be added to your Ammo Can for future use. In the ammo creation screen you have the ability to choose a factory ammunition or create handloads.

After a gun or ammo is created you will be able to create favorites. Favorites allow you to link a gun and ammo together for quick reference in the future.

Target Screen

On this screen enter the range to your target, along with the wind angle and speed at the target, to get the exact holdover for that distance and wind. The calculation will be shown on the "Results" screen.

The Field Screen

In this screen you can enter atmospheric conditions and elevation to obtain more accurate results for the current conditions. The pre-populated atmospheric conditions on section are the default averages and can be overridden by selecting each field and entering data manually, or you can press the weather icon to pull in local weather data based on the location of your phone. When the weather icon is pressed, weather data will be pulled into the fields automatically. As in all screens, the information can be overwritten at any time to enter more refined data.

Summary Screen

The Summary screen is where you will verify all of the data entered before calculating the results. From this screen you can make changes if needed or proceed to the Results screen.

Results Screen

This screen provides the results entered into the calculator in the previous screens. The data is populated in table form and visually with the data shown on the reticle. From the Results screen you can easily toggle between the table and reticle views as desired.