Season Update; Ambassador, Lexi Keller

The 2016 Summer Outdoor Archery season has been a hectic schedule for competing archers.  To make room for the Summer Olympics  in Rio De Janeiro, the rest of the tournament season was pushed together making for tournaments tightly scheduled one weekend after another.  Lexi had tournaments in China, Turkey, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, and Kentucky, all in a time period of 2 months. With this only being nearly half of the season in its entirety, it can be exhausting for an archer adjusting to multiple time zones in a short period of time, but the archers that rely on this as their job do it willingly with only a small amount of complaining.  Although it was difficult to be away from home so much, Lexi still assures that every day is a blessing in itself, and that she tries not to take advantage of the blessings God provides her with.  Traveling the world is something Lexi never imagined she would be doing, let alone making life long friends in the process.  Even though the tournaments and travel can sometimes be exhausting, having the support and prayers from friends, family, and fans, definitely keeps Lexi’s spirits and drive to win at a maximum.

Ballistic Turret Solution Available For All Styrka Riflescopes

Styrka Optics is very pleased to announce that Kenton Industries now offers their new ballistic strips for all Styrka riflescopes. What is a ballistic strip you ask? The ballistic strip is a custom bullet drop compensator (BDC) strip that wraps around the existing elevation turret on your Styrka riflescope. The strip is laser engraved in […]

Bears of Wekusko

By Jason Mitchell/ Passion for the Hunt Television For many bowhunters in the Midwest and eastern half of the United States, much of our past experience archery hunting involves whitetail deer. Other species or opportunities often require a road trip. Canadian spring bear hunting is attractive to many archery hunters because this type of hunt […]

June Update!

We have been pretty busy at STYRKA and wanted to update you guys on what has been going on. First of all we are doing a big giveaway on Facebook. You can enter to win from June 21st through July 6th and the grand prize includes a Styrka S3 riflescope and a Mossy Oak gift […]



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