STYRKA AMBASSADORS are the masters of the hunting and shooting world. These are the folks that push products to the limit. Men and women that strive to be the best at what they do and need their equipment to perform to that same level of excellence. Seasoned outdoor and shooting professionals.

STYRKA Ambassadors

Mike Pelletier

Mike Pelletier, owner and host of STYRKA’s HARDCORE Pursuit has been running wild through the big woods of Northern Michigan since he was just a little kid. His passion for the outdoor lifestyle has grown considerably over the years. Mike always wanted to bring high-quality video from places all over North America to life on TVs across the country and has worked very hard to improve the cinematography of the show each and every year.

Pelletier continues to work hard at bringing some of the most exciting adventures into your living room each week. Mike and the HCP crew are filming season 10 of HARDCORE Pursuit during the fall of 2016. “It’s been a wild ride, and we can’t wait to travel and put in a mega effort to make season 10 of HCP the best season ever!

Kenneth Lancaster

A veteran in the hunting industry, Kenneth Lancaster has become a household name synonymous with big game hunting and a love for the outdoors. Being a son of a trapper, and grandson of a commercial fisherman, Kenneth has the outdoors running through his veins. Which is why, in 2103 Kenneth fulfilled the life-long dream of starting his own show, “The Given Right.” Kenneth has always been known as a fun loving family man that does not always have to kill the biggest animal to enjoy hunting. But, you will never catch him without a smile on his face and a bow or gun close by…

Dean Partridge

Born and Raised on the family farm near Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Dean Partridge began following his father, and learning about hunting whitetail deer at a very young age.

This quickly turned from a pastime into a fascination, to a complete lifestyle with Dean taking close to 30 pope and young whitetails, and several Boone and Crockett archery Whitetails. While still living in the Saskatoon area with his true loves, wife Rochelle, daughter Taylor and son Magnus, Dean Produced the first 100% archery Whitetail Video to come from Canada, Full Draw Whitetails.

Becoming involved in the outdoors television industry it was quickly noted that there was a large gap in the programs available, there was no dedicated Whitetail programs that showcased the deer themselves. A crew of experienced whitetail hunters second to none was assembled to complete this task, to bring viewers exciting over the shoulder trophy Whitetail action, and this was the birth of Dean Partridges Canadian Whitetail.

Lights Out Outdoors

A show that provides an outdoor experience that is not only entertaining, but also relatable to our audience. Through our stories, we want to educate others, promote our sport and hope to provide a positive influence in our community and industry. We strive to get the youth involved and encourage everyone to share our enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Heartland Heritage Outdoors

Hailing from Hebron, Kentucky, Heartland Heritage Outdoors is a tight-knit team of hunters who are motivated to keeping the great sport of hunting alive and well.

The HHO Crew produces a hunting and fishing TV show and hunting videos that not only teach beginners and seasoned hunters how to prepare, track and execute the perfect hunt, but more importantly, we show how much fun hunting is for people of all ages.

Field Ambassadors

Anthony Montoya

Anthony is originally from Pagosa Springs, Colorado but has recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona to chase desert mule deer and cous deer. He loves the outdoors, and grew up hunting, camping, and fishing the area streams, lakes and rivers.

Anthony has also been involved in the archery business since 1986, when he started doing shows in Vegas for High Country Archery, Muzzy Broadheads, and Beman Arrows.

As soon as Archery Season opens you can find him chasing bugling bulls and big velvet mule deer with traditional equipment, as well as chasing mule deer with his Tribe Halo longbow or one of his custom made Bob Lee recurves.

Roger Medley

Roger Medley, owner of, while in the U.S. Air Force received a bow in trade for a flying lesson – a passion for archery and hunting was ignited. This passion for the outdoors grew and now sharing lessons from the field with others runs deep in his core. Being a Colorado State Archery Champion, seminar speaker, archery coach, published writer, “gear reviewer” keeps Roger busy sharing proven tips and tactics for harvesting big game. His greatest hunting passion is chasing elk with his bow in the backcountry of Colorado!

As the President of the outdoor/hunting ministry – High Country Ministries – Roger says, “it’s a privilege reaching out to youth and adults with western big game hunts, seminars and instruction. Leading an organization that, since 2002, makes a personal and lasting impact in the lives of over 130 Father & Kids through the years is beyond description!”

When it comes to life and hunting, Roger lives by his motto – Off The Beaten Path… No Regrets

Tim Strickland

It started in the mountains and foothills out west with the pursuit of elk and mule deer. It continues to this day, as Tim Strickland likes nothing better than to outfox whitetail bucks, bears, red stags and other big game around the world.
Tim’s quest for archery challenges then drew him into the world of competitive shooting. His mark in that arena is considerable: two world and ten national titles.
As Tim’s success in archery grew, so did his love of the sport. He felt compelled to help others have success shooting a bow. It started on a small scale, instructing local youth. It ended on the biggest stage of all, where archers coached by Tim received Olympic gold. His desire to share his wealth of archery knowledge continued, as he was privileged to author the shooting curriculum for the National Archery in the Schools Program.

Austin Manelick

Born and raised hunting and fishing in Alaska, Austin has always called the last frontier home. With an early affliction for filming he took to the mountains with camera, rod, and rifle. His passion for the outdoors, conservation, and being a role model for the next generation of sportsman can be found in his films, articles, and his social media stories. Austin is an Advisory committee member of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, founder of Mission_Alaska, Penn State Alumni, and proud husband to Jordan Manelick.

Chris and Brittney Hirsch

Chris has been involved with some sort of archery since the age of 11. Many of his early adventures were just shooting and preparing for bow hunting in Northern Minnesota. As time went on the desire to compete in tournaments and help other archers has grown. Over the last several years he has not just enjoyed the archery world as a casual past time, but as a career. He has spent time working in pro shops, traveling as a sales rep and even working in one of the largest archery facilities in the world as a coach. The desire to learn more about archery and bow hunting is a constant drive for him. One of his favorite things is to help new and current archers learn to shoot better.

Brittney is a native to Colorado and has enjoyed the outdoors her entire life. Growing up in a town with no stoplights for 100 miles, activities in the backcountry were plentiful.
Before meeting her now husband, who is an avid archer, she grew up rifle hunting mule deer and elk. Chris introduced her to archery and she quickly found passion for the sport. Beyond
just shooting, Brittney enjoys getting physically prepared for hunting in the mountains and becoming a better outdoorsman. From participating in indoor and outdoor tournaments to bow
hunting, shooting a bow has become a year round activity.

Richard Hawkins

Richard Hawkins, has been hunting for almost 40 years. He started out gun hunting whitetails, but within a couple years fell in love with bow hunting. This led to going to 3-D shoots in the summer, and this led to bigger and bigger tournaments all throughout the 90’s.
Some of his accomplishments during this time include but are not limited to getting 1st place in the Budweiser classic in 1991, 1st place and high score of Ohio Archers State Championship. MBR in 1993, 1st place team for the consecutive years of 1994-1995 for IBO World Indoor 3D Championship, and finally 5th place for ASA Semi-Pro Shooter of the Year.
Currently he is focused on hunting out west, where he is a guide at Budge’s Flattops Wilderness Lodge in Colorado.

Evan Bungum

Evan Bungum grew up in a small rural farming community, where he dreamed of one day having his own TV show, since then his dream has grown into Backyard Pursuits TV where he shares his knowledge of outdoor activities with others. Faith. Family and Hunting are the backbone of Backyard Pursuits TV and Evan’s ultimate goal as an outdoorsmen is to have a positive influence on others and to encourage them to get out and enjoy God’s creation.

Ross Freedman

Ross Freedman was born and raised just north of Boston, Massachusetts. He is a freelance outdoor blogger who has been a resident of Colorado for over 8 years. Ross is a family man who enjoys living the Western lifestyle. When he is not working or at one of his son’s sporting events, he is in the field, on the river or one the course. Ross is fast approaching veteran bird & big game hunting status, while also evolving as a fly fisherman. The fall and winter have replaced spring & summer as his favorite times of the year

Jason Chapman

Jason Chapman, owner of C-n-C Archery Pro Shop, avid hunter and archer.  Jason, along with his wife and two daughters, compete in national and local 3D archery tournaments.  In the fall, Jason spends as much time as he can chasing big whitetails in the woods surrounding his Wisconsin home.  He is excited to introduce his oldest daughter to the sport of bow hunting this fall.  Jason enjoys offering quality equipment to his customers and also introducing newcomers to the shooting sports.  He is a Level 1 USA Archery and NASP certified instructor as well as a 4H archery instructor.

Lexi Keller

Lexi Keller was born and raised on a small hobby farm in Wisconsin. Lexi was around the hunting and shooting environment from the beginning and at age 8 she started shooting leagues with her father.  In 2011 Lexi attended her first USA archery JOAD training camp in Virginia with some of the nation’s elite level coaches. Immediately she started personally training with a level 5 coach and within a month she had qualified for her first World Archery Championships event. This would be the beginning to many more World Championship teams, World Cups, and National championship events, including the 2012/2014/2016 Indoor World Championship teams, 2013 Youth World Archery Championships, 2015 Senior World Championships, and 2015/2016 on the World Cup series team, with more to come.




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