Styrka SH-BDC Reticle and Ballistic Calculator: Dynamic Duo for the Long-Range Hunter

After several days of hunting, that big buck steps out- 325 yards from your stand! For many, it would be a “poke and hope” shot with a better chance of missing (or wounding) than getting the job done. Other hunters wouldn’t shoot at all, waiting and praying for the buck to come closer.

Good thing you are using a Styrka rifle scope featuring Styrka’s new SH-BDC reticle and you’re supporting the reticle with the new Styrka Ballistic Calculator. Instead of guessing and hoping, you have already plugged your specific caliber of rifle and ammunition (as well as other factors) into the simple to use calculator, aligned it with your scope and know the 325-yard spot on your BDC Reticle. You place that spot on the buck’s target area, let out your breath and squeeze the trigger.

Styrka’s new SH-BDC reticle and Ballistic Calculator were designed from the ground up with the hunter in mind. The SH-BDC is a Ballistic Drop Compensation reticle designed for hunting from 100 yards to approximately 600 yards, offering hold-overs for most centerfire rifle calibers. Plus, the SH-BDC reticle has windage lines so that wind speed and distance can be factored in at the same time.

The SH-BDC Reticle is available on Styrka’s S3, S5 and S7 scopes.

The STYRKA Ballistic Calculator lets you easily determine the exact hold-over points you need at specific ranges. Simply input data about your rifle, the ammunition you are using and the distance of your target. The Calculator then figures the exact hold point needed at that range. In the field, you can also add in wind speed and direction, drop and windage units, even air temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. Each new bit of data will plot your shot for an even more precise result.

An app is available for iOS and Android platforms, the Styrka ballistic calculator can also be accessed as a web based program from the STYRKA website at Input data in the comfort of your home, at the range or in the field. You can also print the table and reticle results to take with you.

Mr. Buck of a life-time at 325 yards? With practice, good shooting habits and the help of the STYRKA SH-BDC reticle and the STYRKA Ballistic Calculator, he’ll be your next shoulder mount and a freezer full of tasty venison.

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Styrka S7 series Binocular ~ Leann Blasko

When hunting or spending a large quantity of time outdoors a good set of binoculars can make a big difference on your experience. Will you be able to identify that animal coming towards you at 200 yards or is it just a blur, are you going to miss your opportunity because you were trying to get your binoculars focused? Fortunately I recently was given the opportunity to take the Styrka S7 series 10×42 binoculars out with me. While out there was no doubt I could see what was far out in the distance with ease.

Having three small children, one of which is starting to join my husband and me on hunts, I have to consider the durability of products I take out with me. While my son is learning to respect the tools we use while hunting, he is still a child and my number 1 spotter! I understand accidents happen, however, I still need to be prepared. With the binocular harness that comes with the S7 series I can be sure my son won’t drop the binoculars.

On a Ladies in Camo Staff hog hunt, the S7 Series Binoculars were invaluable in determining if my wild boar was a shooter. I was glassing a field when I detected the brush moving. I spotted the hog just as his snout was coming into view. He was huge! I quickly switched to my rifle that had the S7 Series scope, also from Styrka, mounted on it. Styrka made my day and I am “Styrka Strong”.

Among the Styrka S7 Series impressive features my favorite is the warranty, the Styrka Pride warranty is simple, in the event of damage or malfunction they will replace your Styrka product free of charge. With no registration required, no receipt needed, and no matter who bought it the warranty is a no question asked warranty. The only catch… The warranty doesn’t cover theft, loss, or intentional damage. To take service one step further, you can send your Styrka products in once per year to have it cleaned and tuned up. Regular maintenance is crucial in keeping your Styrka Binocular working like the day you bought it. In case you can’t remember all this Styrka has put a magnet with the warranty information on it in the box when they shipped the binoculars.

The warranty is only one of the many features to the Styrka Binoculars. Others include 10x magnification and a water proof nitrogen purged coating plus many more;

  • Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm
  • Lens Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated – Styrka S7-XLT Coating
  • Angular Field of View: 6.5°
  • Linear Field of View: 341ft/114m@1000yds/m
  • Close Focus: 6.5ft / 2m
  • Eye Relief: 17.0mm
  • Exit Pupil: 4.2mm
  • Prism Type: BaK-4
  • Prism Coatings: Phase and Dielectric
  • Relative Brightness: 17.6
  • Twilight Factor: 20.5
  • Interpupillary Distance: 58-72mm
  • Diopter ADJ Range: ±4

The next time I head out in the field I will be sure to take both my S7 series scope and binoculars. With my Stryka set up I am sure my hunts will be successful ones. As long as I can keep my “spotter” quiet long enough.

Styrka has taken their S7 series to a level of quality and clarity that make me proud to say I am Styrka Strong! To order your model ST-35522 Binoculars with a MSRP of $779.95 visit Styrka

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Check out the STYRKA S7 Binoculars here:



Whitetails Unlimited Welcomes Styrka as National Sponsor

Whitetails Unlimited President Jeff Schinkten has announced that Styrka optics is joining the Whitetails Unlimited sponsor family. “We look forward to working with them in the next year. While they have over a century in the optics business, Styrka is new in the hunting category, but their product line is outstanding and their warranty is the best out there,” said Schinkten.

Styrka Director Scott Myers said that they will position their products in the optics category by meeting the needs of the hunting consumer. “We know we are entering a crowded market but by making the models the consumer wants, offering more performance for the money, and backing our products better than anyone else, we know we are going to get noticed.”

Styrka, which is Scandinavian for “strength,” is headquartered in Egan, Minnesota. Their founding premise is to give the customer an honest product for an honest price, with no tall tales and no spin. They think an educated customer is a better customer, and work very hard to educate their customers.

2016 SHOT SHOW: Best New Gear from Styrka

Styrka’s flagship S9 series binoculars boast world-class optical performance. Even in low-light conditions, you’ll get bright, high-contrast images with jaw-dropping clarity and resolution.

All lens surfaces are coated multiple times utilizing our proprietary SXL-MAX anti-reflective flat broadband coatings for maximum brightness and optimal color, sharpness and image contrast, while maximizing transmission across the entire visible light spectrum for true-to-nature color representation.

The ergonomic open bridge design design allows fingers to wrap around the barrels of the binocular for improved grip, steadiness and one-handed use.

The S9 series has 100 percent waterproof fully sealed housing for performance in all conditions; submersion tested for 30 minutes in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water.

Internal housing is purged of air and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging.

Rubber armor provides tough, durable external protection and a secure no-slip grip. Eye cups twist up or down for a custom fit to your eye with or without glasses

Included items:

  • Tripod Adapter (56mm only): included with the binocular for mounting on a tripod during long glassing sessions or when additional stability is needed.
  • Tethered Lens Covers and Rainguard: The rainguard and tethered objective lens covers protect the lenses of your binocular from scratches and the elements.
  • Padded Comfort Neck Strap: The included neoprene neck strap is wide and extremely comfortable. Use it in comfort all day.
  • Deluxe Custom Carrying Case: The Styrka carrying case included with the binocular can be used as a traditional carrying case but it can also be worm on your chest with the included harness straps. It keeps the binocular close for quick and easy access while protecting it when out in the field.



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