“They’re Out There”

“They’re Out There”

Hunting public land can seem like a dead end road but trust me, they’re out there.

A few helpful tips to help you fill that tag on public land.


Do your research ahead of time

There are some awesome tools available to located high percentage areas without leaving your chair. Google earth is an incredible tool to do some pre hunt “scouting.” Use this in conjunction with your states wildlife management sites to look up access points, find minimal usage roads, look for where deer might be traveling, etc. You can use google earth to find possible bedding and feeding areas without having to do all the leg work.


Once you do your cyber scouting, get out there

Check out the cyber scouted areas first hand to see if there is any deer sign present. Trail cams are a great idea as well, just make sure you bring cable locks for an added security measure. Often times you will be able to see boot tracks if people have been in the area. This can be a sign that maybe you need to move on to the next area.


Don’t be afraid to get back there

This is the biggest thing I can emphasize when hunting public land. Every extra step you take, gives you a better chance at success. Some added tips on this. If there is a river, pond on any other body of water on the property, see if there is a place you can drop in a canoe or small boat to get the added edge. This may just give you the advantage of getting to that area that doesn’t see the pressure. Most people won’t take the time to put in the extra work to get to that honey hole. If you have the opportunity, mid-week is the deal. Less pressure for you means better opportunities to sneak up on that giant.


Sit a little longer

Most hunters will leave the woods after the morning hunt. Stay out until early afternoon or all day for your best odds. When the bulk of the hunters head out of the woods around 9 or 10 am, stay put. There is a good chance that they will push the deer around and give you an added opportunity.


Don’t get discouraged

Some of the biggest deer out there live on public land. There are so many great resources out there available for us to use free of charge. Give it a try!


Check out this quick video on public lands: https://vimeo.com/175399352

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